NEHair has partnered with Wilde Hair, LLC.

We now offer the worlds most advanced non-surgical full or partial hair replacement system that restores beautiful hair - seamlessly.
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Meet Gregroy Wilde.

We are so excited to have Gregory Wide, Owner/Founder of Wilde Hair, LLC, as our in house non- surgical hair restoration expert. Gregory comes from a surgical aesthetics and sales background, is a member of the American Hair Loss Council, is a licensed Cosmetologist, Class 1, has a bachelor's and a masters in Education and has over 25 years combined experience in hair integration and hair replacement services. He was also a mainstage speaker at the International Beauty Show (IBS) in NYC.

Gregory also owns the license for Cesare Ragazzi and CRLAB Hair systems which is the world leader in "second Skin" cranial prosthetic technology.
Gregory can custom design an individual hair system to your unique specifications taking all of your needs into consideration including, head shape, hair texture, curl pattern, scalp color and density. This is known as the Cesare Ragazzi CNC and all of the hair that is used is raw hair and has never been treated chemically. The system fits to the cranial dimensions of your scalp and becomes a part of you.

You can swim, get blowouts with friends, be outside in the wind and all that people will see is how beautiful you are. This customized top piece is for people that might have no hair, thin or see through hair or have been diagnosed with Alopecia, Trichotillomania and post chemotherapy.

Finally a beautiful and undetectable solution.
All of the hair is injected by hand in the factory located in Bologna Italy. No other hair system can compare to this on the market today. Clip in top pieces and traditional wigs that are uncomfortable, hot and can hurt your already fragile hair will become a thing of the past.


Gorgeous, undetectable hair systems are our trademark.

Come in and unwind and be transformed in our tranquil environment and reawaken to looking absolutely beautiful.


Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System

Cesare Ragazzi Laboratories is dedicated to restoring your hair and confidence. Our team of experts have worked in high- technology environments for years developing the CNC system, an advanced, non-invasive, dermatologically-tested, full or partial hair replacement system that restores beautiful hair - seamlessly.

Soon after your treatment has commenced you can return to a full, active life including swimming and high-impact sports.

NEHair offers a calm, private environment in which we integrate the CNC hair system to your unique hairline and scalp, so that you can return to living a full, active life without compromise. Your care will continue under the guidance of our dedicated Cesare Ragazzi expert, Gregory Wilde.


How Does It Work?

The CNC system, is a natural hair thickening system, it consists of producing a "second scalp", a clone membrane personalized by each client's needs and characteristics.

Once the model has been produced, which highlights the morphology and the contours of the area that will be thickened on the client, an 'epithesis" or clone membrane is produced. The base of the clone membrane is constituted by a special polymer resin that has been dermatologically tested and designed to provide comfort and stability.

Natural human hair is selected from donors with high-grade hair and with similar hair characteristics to those of the client. The hair is sewn by hand, one by one, with precise distribution, inclination and direction of the client's natural hair.

Once completed, the clone membrane is integrated onto the scalp using a special medical adhesive, dermatologically tested at the Cosmetology Centre at the University of Ferrara.


CNC Hair System Before & After


Hair Integration

Hair Integration is a method whereby human hair of the highest quality (sourced from Europe) is fused into your pre-existing hair using several different adhesion and placement techniques to suit your lifestyle and hair texture.  

Hair integration can be used for volume, length and textural change.


The CNC Hair System Protocol



“Greg is like a hair whisperer. If he makes a suggestion - don't think, listen. I have never been as happy and excited to get my hair done. I leave thrilled with the results every time. I can't say enough good things about him!”
ana a.
“Greg is THE BEST, hands down. He is a color EXPERT and a true artist. He really listens to his clients and always exceeds my expectations! I wish he could follow me around daily!”
Takara s.
“Absolutely the best product and best stylist and best hair restoration ever!!!  Contact Greg Wilde and change your life. Gained so much self confidence.”
Gail g.
“I have witnessed the amazing transformation and style Greg creates very time he works with a client. He gains the trust of all his clients through honesty and talent.”
alexandria m.

CRLabs Overview

To counteract hair loss and restore volume, vigor and vitality to miniaturized, thin and prone to falling hair, CRLab has formulated the complete Anti-hair loss line, which includes Complete Shock Treatment Kit, Maintenance Kit, Shampoo and Preshampoo, Preparatory and Activating Lotion, Anti-hair loss and restructuring vials and the innovative Havogen 5 anti-hair loss patch.

The products in this line are rich in active ingredients of natural origin, such as essential oils, Soy Isoflavones, Centella Asiatica, Serenoa Repens, which stimulate hair growth and activate the microcirculation, while purifying the scalp.


After 3 months of treatment with the CRLab Hair Loss line on patients of both sexes, clinical studies have shown an increase in hair thickness of 17-23%, with 100% of patients satisfied with the treatment: hair more full-bodied, shiny, soft to the touch and better looking, thanks to a double action on the surface and in depth.


The CRLab line for dehydrated and hypersensitive skin was designed and formulated to combat persistent dry dandruff and scaling of the scalp. The ingredients that compose it also act effectively to soothe redness, skin soreness, itching, etc. Essential oils in fact counteract dehydration and give an anti-inflammatory effect. The alpha hydroxy acids are functional to the regeneration of the scalp by virtue of their keratolytic property. Hydrolyzed collagen completes this action as it rebuilds tissue


The CRLab anti-sebum line (also for oily dandruff) is formulated to purify the scalp by counteracting the excessive presence of sebum. This can have hormonal or stress or wrong diet causes and makes hair heavy, dull, thin and brittle.Essential oils with great astringent capacity and plant extracts with high nutritional power limit these effects: Jojoba extract and Avocado extract purify the skin, Laminaria and Larch Mushroom ones have astringent capacity, Azelaic Acid combines the astringent effect to the reduction of sebaceous production.The products are also suitable for oily dandruff, as the active ingredients contained act against Malassezia, the cause of dandruff formation. Among these, the stem cells of Edelweiss that rebalance the sebaceous secretion.Finally, the presence of sapphire provides microelements essential for growth.



The HAVOGEN 5 patch is based on a latest generation technology that releases its multifunctional complex in a gradual and controlled way, allowing progressive absorption over 12 hours.

The powerful antioxidants, together with vitamin E, make this patch particularly effective in its anti-radical action, counteracting oxidative damage. Serenoa Rapens and Avocuta (extracted from Avocado) redice the production of sebum by counteracting the oily hair effect.

L-Cysteine helps the synthesis of keratins present in the hair, while the B vitamins stimulate and strengthen the metabilism of the follicle. All this to effectively counteract hair loss and stimulate regrowth.



The CRLab Hair Loss Kit works by strengthening the structure of miniaturized hair. The kit, lasting 5 weeks, consists of pre-shampoo, shampoo and lotion that nourish the hair and fight the formation of dangerous free radicals.

The kit is formulated to counteract the fall and give body to the hair thanks to a special mix of essential oils, particularly concentrated in the lotion in the package.

Apple stem cells characterize the CRLab hair loss line, by virtue of their ability to stimulate the growth phase of the hair. The precious stone chosen is Ruby: a symbol of strength, energy and vitality: in reality it is an excellent reserve of small minerals that help strengthen the hair.


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